DANGERS of Covered Call ETFs

Are you drawn to high yield dividend ETFs because of the juicy high yield and wondering if it's the right choice?

Do you know how those juicy dividends work and the downside of those juicy dividends in a bull market?

Are you wondering if covered call ETFs are for you?

Those are good questions and I wondered about them for a long time too so thats why I did some massive digging for you.

I dug up a lot of interesting content about covered call ETFs and some of the results may surprise you.

As you probably know, I love collecting passive income every single month. Who doesn't like moola?

But while covered call ETFs provide very enticing moola, those benefits come at a cost.

In today's video, I share the pros and cons of covered call ETFs, dangers of chasing yield and what it can cost you.

There are good reasons for investing in covered call ETFs and I share whose it for and whose it not for.


If collecting passive income is your thing and covered call ETFs are not your thing, I share a very powerful strategy for investing in stocks that doesn't take alot of time nor braincells. Check out my free guide below.

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