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 I’m Tracy—an entrepreneur and successful part-time investor dedicated to helping you invest with confidence, so that you ultimately live your BEST life.


My work is for the ambitious, the hustlers, the entrepreneurs, and the action takers who are building wealth through real estate, businesses, and investments.


If that is you, my mission is to accelerate your path to financial independence by teaching you everything I know - and everything I learned the hard way - so you shorten your learning curve by decades.


I launched Financial Nirvana Mama to give you access to all the principles, tips, rules, and techniques that helped me build multiple streams of income while juggling a job, kids, and life—without any inheritance, lottery winnings, or previous experience.

My work is 100% dedicated to supercharging your investing journey, so you can ultimately do anything, like

Quit Your Job


I went from working three jobs to pay down debt in one of the most expensive cities in Canada to managing a multi-million dollar investment portfolio, as featured in Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine.


It didn’t happen overnight, but with consistency, commitment, and determination, I found ways to build multiple income streams that completely changed how I live my life.


Now I get to teach people like you how to build wealth with confidence by sharing everything I learned the hard way. 


The best part? You don’t have to have come from money, you don’t have to wait until you retire to finally start enjoying your life, and you don’t to have to make the mistakes I made along the way.

Here are just a handful of the ways I can support you in your pursuit of financial independence:

Want to stop worrying about day-to-day expenses like your mortgage?

I’ll teach you how you can essentially live for free using real estate

Wish you could take a career break now instead of waiting until you retire?

Discover how I’ve been able to take six sabbaticals and check places off my family’s travel bucket list by investing wisely.

Wish you could make work optional?

I’ll uncover how you can build multiple streams of income and make your dollars work harder for you.


Want to create an education fund for your kids?

I’ll show you a smart way that doesn’t involve you spending a fortune over 20 years.

Wish you could create a money stash for your kids?

I’ll show you how you can create a financial legacy for your family, so they don’t have to worry about money.


I wasn’t born into wealth. I didn’t learn financial literacy habits from my first-generation immigrant parents, or read about them in school. 


What I did do was follow a “traditional” career track by becoming an engineer, only to find myself working 70-hour weeks, moonlighting as a model, and tutoring to pay off my student loan debt in one of the most expensive cities in Canada. 


I was burning out fast and decided NO MORE. 

Rather than working harder,
I decided to work smarter.

I began by learning everything I could about investing. 


I’d already bought my first stock as a student. At 26, I managed to buy my first condo. By 35, I had leveled up enough to reach my career goals, build my money stash, and scale up my investment portfolio by buying 14 properties.


Still, I loved the idea of spending more time with my twins, traveling, trying new things, and doing work I really loved.


It was time for the next step. So, I quit my job as an environmental engineer. 


Leaving a secure, six-figure government job with incredible benefits, immediate opportunities for promotion, cool travel opportunities, and a golden pension was not easy. 


But I knew if I didn’t do it, I never would—and I didn’t want to live a life filled with regret. 


So, I decided to stop settling in life, took action, and walked away from all of it.


So instead, I took massive action to change my life. 

Today, I no longer have to dread 70-hour work weeks, limited vacation time, or the pressure to climb the corporate ladder.

I’m proud to say I’ve built a life that has given me the freedom to take six sabbaticals, raise twins, and regularly check off places on our family’s travel bucket list. I get to spend quality time with my kids and, as they get older, I can relax knowing I’m creating a legacy that will benefit them in the future, too.


Reaching financial independence wasn't easy. I made a lot of mistakes along the way, but one thing I learned is this: 


With patience and consistency, you can compound your wealth and income, make your 9-5 job optional, and live life on your terms.


Investing in real estate and stocks are just two of the ways to get you there—I’ll show you how.

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What I’m Working On


My YouTube Channel, where I make videos explaining how you can invest in stocks and real estate and become financially free. Check out my popular videos here.


My monthly newsletter, where I share books I’m reading, articles I’m writing, and my latest videos to help you become a better investor in Canada. You can subscribe here.


This website, where I share blog posts and online courses created to fast-track your investing journey and save you decades learning the hard way. I wish courses like this had been available in Canada when I was just starting out. Whether you’re a busy professional seeking FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early), or a part-time DIY investor with other obligations (ahem, like family and LIFE), check out my courses here.

Other Fun Facts About Me

When the Internet first became a thing, I dabbled in building HTML websites “for fun!”

At university, I had to work part time at a shoe store AND as a tutor to pay for my tuition. I lost my full scholarship because I couldn't keep up with an 80% average in engineering.

I freelanced as a model and tutor while working as an environmental engineer for several years to pay off my student loans—and to make ends meet living in Vancouver. That was rough.

If you’re looking to pivot in life, but you’re feeling stuck, I share why I left engineering in a TED-style talk here, I hope it helps you in some way.

I've been investing for 20+ years, but I started off with very little money. My first engineering job only paid me 36K and I was living in Vancouver, one of the most expensive cities in Canada. It was brutal.

I love tiramisu, dancing, skateboarding, and obstacle racing.  I sometimes post my latest family adventures and races on Instagram. If that's interesting to you, you can follow me here.

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I've taken six sabbaticals over the last several years to focus on travel, family, friends, personal interests, and special projects.

I purchased a Tesla Model Y, a Peloton bike, and an electric skateboard for me and my family during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you know me, I rarely make material purchases because I prioritize life experiences, but I think saving and investing aggressively for many years took a toll, so I cracked and splurged on bucket-list items (or maybe it was a midlife crisis, LOL).

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