3 Dividend Stocks to Hold Forever (TAX FREE)

Have you ever struggled with knowing what stocks to add to your portfolio?

Do you want to add companies to your portfolio that won't drive you bonker or anxious because the stock market can act like a depressive drunk maniac.

Do you want NO BRAINER boring stocks that are high quality for the next decade with decent returns?

Buying a stock is easy, but buying the right stock without a time-tested strategy is incredibly hard.

So that's why I'm about to reveal a very boring but powerful strategy for buying stocks that pay you moola every single year.

I also share the three stocks I personally hold in my portfolio for the long term in Canada and the US.

I also share my framework and criteria for choosing high quality dividend growth stocks in the most efficient manner that anyone can do, even while working full time, having a life and raising a family.

I also share how you can get $50,000 tax free forever through the Canadian dividend tax credit. Only caveat is you can't have any other source of income.


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