RRSP Mortgages - What you NEED to Know

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As mortgage brokers specializing in income property financing, we receive hundreds of questions

from Canadian real estate investors across the country in regards to financing multiple rental properties in Canada

A common question we get asked is:

How you do you use a RRSP mortgage to invest in Real Estate?

If you are looking for passive tax-sheltered returns within your RRSPS (or registered funds) using Real Estate; then this strategy would be a great option as it is also a low cost low maintenance option.

This method falls under what CRA calls “Arms-length “under the tax act.

How does RRSP Mortgages Work in Canada?

Your RRSPs is like a basket with various investment types in it, such as stocks, bonds and/or money market funds.

In order to utilize RRSPs in Real Estate under this method, a few things must hold:

  1. The RRSPs must be setup as a mortgage against the Real Estate. Think about the mortgage as another investment type within your RRSP basket

  2. The Real Estate cannot be owned by you or a corporation that you own

  3. The RRSP loan must be administered by a Trust company approved by CRA, such as Community Trust, Canadian Western Trust or Olympia Trust.

Due to the tighter lender guidelines, some borrowers are unable to obtain an 80% mortgage on a rental property from institutional lenders. This is where borrowers turn to alternative sources of funding to supplement the shortage and this is where they would turn to a client like yourself with RRSPs funds to invest.

Here's an example of RRSP Mortgage deal for a rental property:

Let’s say that you have $50,000 in RRSPS + another $25,000 in a TFSA that you are looking to invest in Real Estate in a passive fashion.

Heather, a Real Estate investor who is looking to buy a rental property for $500,000 and renovate the property.

Heather unfortunately has been declined by her bank due to the condition of the property, but has been approved by a B lender for 65% of the value through her mortgage broker.