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How to Buy Unlimited Real Estate in Canada - Investment Strategy

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Did you know there's a myth circulating out in the real estate investing world in Canada?

For a brief moment in my life, I thought I hit a dreaded financing wall, it felt like my real estate investing journey was over.

But did you know that there are many options? Did you know that if you were strategic with your real estate investing journey in Canada, you can buy unlimited rental properties in Canada?

I share my thoughts and five powerful strategies on how to finance unlimited multiple rental properties in the most efficient manner for real estate investors in Canada.

I share whose it is for, what strategies are best for real estate investments, and much more! Timestamps are provided below:)


1st Strategy: Traditional Bank Financing

  • 20 - 25% down payment required

  • Hardest to qualify for, requires

  1. Stable Income

  2. Good Credit Score

  3. Low Debt

  4. Lots of Patience

  • Offer the best interest rates

2nd Strategy: High Ratio Financing

  • Moving into the property and make it your principal place of residence before converting it into a rental property

  • This method requires additional insurance but allows for a lower down payment of as little as 5%

  • Great for brand new investors but requires moving every few years

  • Can still qualify for amazing interest rates

3rd Strategy: Equity Financing

  • Need a lot of equity available to do this

  • PLEASE avoid if you have a spending problem

  • Get a free consultation with Streetwise Mortgages on how to buy multiple rentals

4th Strategy: Private Money Lending

  • Not using traditional bank financing

  • Interest Rates are higher

5th Strategy: Joint Venture Deals

  • One party provides the cash downpayment while the other does all the work (finding rental properties, do renovations, paperwork etc.)

  • For those who need quick financing/those who don't qualify for traditional bank financing/short on cash downpayment

  • Most expensive option


00:00 - Intro

01:29 - 1st Strategy to Buy Multiple Rentals

03:06 - 2nd Strategy to Buy Multiple Rentals

05:38 - 3rd Strategy to Buy Multiple Rentals

08:23 - 4th Strategy to Buy Multiple Rentals

10:21 - 5th Strategy to Buy Multiple Rentals


If building wealth and cashflow is your thing, I share a step by step guide on how to buy your first or next rental property and a toolkit for free. Check out it out below.

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