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How to Invest in Condos – 3 Things to Know before Buying

3 things to know before investing in condos

Investing in Condos is a tricky business. Here are 3 things you must know before investing in condos.

Investing in condos is a tricky business.  Here’s why.

In 2006, I bought my first condo, rented it out to awesome medical residences and sold it in 2011 for an awesome return (>300% ROI). This got me thinking, could I repeat the same experience investing in condos?

In 2012, I invested in 2 other condos, thinking I bought them at a discount but in reality, I got a little burned and just surviving holding these condos.  They are breaking even and I don’t plan on making any money when I sell these condos. They have been my worst investments to date.

I’ve owned 6 condos during my investing journey, some good, some decent and the last two, downright ugly.  I feel compelled to share this video.  I really want to share my lessons learned to help you shorten your learning curve!

If you ever considered:

– Buying a condo as your principle place of residence;

– Investing in a condo to supplement your pension or for your kids education;

– Flipping a condo; or

– Investing a condo to add to your real estate portfolio as future rental income…

Then you must watch this video!  I want to help you save money and build your contingency plan before you pull the trigger investing in condos.

If you bought a new condo recently or completed extensive renovations, you can get up to $30,000 back in HST.  I received $22,000 back on my last condo! Click here to find out more.

Here’s a video on how it works:

Now, back to you!

Have you ever bought a condo as a real estate investment and how did it go? 

And don’t be shy, leave your comments below.  I’m here to empower, guide and encourage you to reach your financial nirvana.

Happy Investing,

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