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Why I Bought Facebook Stock 2020 | Is it a Buy Now? | Facebook Stock Projections 2020

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Facebook Stock 2020

I share my thoughts on why I bought Facebook stock in 2020 and at what buy point. FB stock fits perfectly in my tech stocks portfolio. I share Facebooks growth, what I think Facebook stock is worth using intrinsic valuation method (without all the math), what the new world could be like with FB stock in 2020. I look at different growth rates, risks and rewards and share my rationale.

I strongly believe there is a lot of potential in facebook and I provide my facebook stock projections and facebook stock analysis in 2020. My analysis shows potential of $500-1200+ over next ten years and becoming the next trillion dollar company.

1:01: Warren Buffet Investing Principle

3:30: Facebook Potential with $60B Cash

4:40: Facebook Growth

5:57: Facebook Stock Prediction 2020 (Intrinsic Valuation)

7:17: Why FB Stock at this Buy Price & Worth Buying Now FB Stock 2020

8:17: Libra & Opportunity

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