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Tracy’s 7 Phases to a Perfect Retirement

I have been enjoying all of the articles on Retire By 40 (especially Joe’s 7 phases of retirement) so much that it inspired me to write one myself. Early in life, my husband and I worked hard to discover ourselves and determine our values and goals. We wanted our decision making process to be driven by the bigger picture (our values, beliefs and goals) rather than the money directly in front of us. We wanted OPTIONS and the ability to accomplish our life plan.

We used real estate as an accelerator to plow through our plan. Eight years into it, with ups and downs, we are wiser, wealthier, and still holding onto these properties. The key is to protect yourself with rental income (the “dividend” of your investment) rather than just relying on the value of the real estate. During market corrections, this prevents you from needing to cash out the investments for a long time.

In my 7 Phase retirement plan, I am very happy to say we are our in Phase 5. I am very excited to my plan posted on ‘’ and hopefully this will inspire and help you on your journey. So here it is! Click here to read more:)

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