Monica Paslawski – Another Mama on her Journey to Financial Nirvana

Hello Readers,

Today, I have Monica Paslawski from Financial Fitness to Freedom!  Monica is amazing.  Not only is she a mother of three daughters but she’s built a mini-empire real estate empire part-time while juggling a family, a cattle farm and as a teacher.  

She is an entrepreneur and life-long learner at heart.  She started investing in 2001, and has evolved her investment strategy from land to rental properties and now her all-time favorite – rent to owns (aka lease options).

Because of her financial savviness, Monica has broken free of the shackles of a ‘9 to 5’ job and living her ideal life.

In this insightful interview, Monica will share her immense wisdom on:

  1. Pros and Cons of Rent-To- Owns

  2. How to boost productivity so you can manage it all

  3. Systems in building your business even if you only have one or two rental properties

  4. Sharing her wisdom in leaving the shackles of a ‘9 to 5’ job

  5. How she has reached financial freedom and helping others do the same with her new business

  6. And much, much more.

So, without further adieu…

Monica Paslawski – What led you down the path of starting your own business?

It was an abundant life and our girls grew up learning the value of hard work and the joys of the great outdoors, along with all the delightful things that farm life brings. They are all very capable workers, can drive tractors, work cattle, ride horses, and operate equipment with proficiency. They have helped calves, kittens, and even baby chicks come into the world and have also faced the sadness of death on the farm. We wanted them to experience a childhood close to the land, and were dedicated to provide that for them.

My husband moved from his position as an employee with an Environmental Consulting company to consulting under his own umbrella at about that time. The goal was for me to be home with our small children and take care of the farm as his profession took him away from home a lot.

How long did you teach and when did you make the big jump of leaving your teaching job?

I taught for several years before having children and then after we moved to the farm, I started teaching again when my youngest was 5. Half-time teaching math at our tiny local school for 12 years was a great fit and I enjoyed it.

But – Then came a year where life circumstances beyond my control forced me to quit my teaching job. It was very sudden and not planned, but that’s another story.

Sometimes the best decisions in life are made for us. I’m grateful in hindsight that the circumstances in that “year from hell” forced the decision to finally stop working for someone else. I’ll never go back.

How did you get started in real estate investing?

Investing in real estate was a natural progression. We bought and sold our first home, built our second home (I did the general contracting), sold that, and finally were able to buy our present home in 1997 on a quarter section of land. I love land and know the value of it, so within a few years we purchased three more quarters of land. My part-time teaching position allowed me to make all the payments on the land, while my husband’s consulting supported the family. Slowly we built up a fair bit of equity with the natural appreciation of land values. </