Look Behind the Curtains – Why I Jumped on this 13th Rental Property

13 Rental Property

Or, you feel like your city is overpriced because you live in one of the most expensive cities in Canada?

One of the biggest challenges real estate investors face is finding deals THAT CASHFLOW.  I have felt this pain for years, searching Canada-wide for deals.  Since accumulating properties in 4 different cities and reflecting on their performances, it hit me that the best ones are ones where I created the deal.

My goal in sharing this article is to showcase how patience reigns supreme and that deals are possible even in ‘A’ neighborhoods if you are willing to be creative and roll up your sleeves.

I want to share more if these posts so I can share the good, the bad and the ugly so you can learn from my mistake, jumpstart your knowledge and be on your path to Financial Nirvana. 

Westboro property

In this article, I’ll share how I bought my 13th rental property and most importantly help you learn:

  1. How I found this house so that you can learn to create deals. p.s., it isn’t as easy as finding a cashflowing deal on MLS

  2. Why I chose this rental property so that you learn the success factors that makes up a good property

  3. How to find a rental property that is aligned to your LIFESTYLE.

How Did You Find this Awesome Property?

I’m always keeping an eye out on prime real estate in several key neighborhoods.

And getting deals from real estate agents or other real estate investors under 350k catches my attention for starter family homes.

When you spend months looking at listings, you get good at knowing what’s a bargain in that neighborhood.

What caught my eye with this listing:

  1. there were 2 exterior pictures on MLS for this property (awesome flag that it was too ugly inside for realtors to take pictures)

Westboro home part2