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Fast and Easy Renovations that will Dramatically Increase the Value of your Rental Property

Renovations can be costly.

How many times have you completed renovations in hindsight were not the best bang for the buck?

You know all that new insulation you added in the attic?  Or all that expensive pot lights you added rather than going with a normal lighting fixture hanging from the ceiling.

I hate to say it, but tenants don’t care.

What they do care is this one question: ‘can I see myself living here?’

Your job as a landlord is to help tenants see themselves living there.

The simplest way without doing much ‘selling’ is have the property sell itself.

That means completing fast and easy renovations that will dramatically boost rental income and the value of your rental property.

And in practical terms, the best time to do it is in between turnovers.

Not only can you instantly boost rental income, but you also attract more showings and larger tenant base.

Whether you’re aiming for higher rent or lower vacancy, or you’re planning a few steps ahead for a fixer-upper you intend to buy, here are fast and easy renovations you should consider when it comes to getting the most bang for your buck.

After watching the video, you know what simple changes you can make that will dramatically boost rental income and the value of your property.

To start, choose one of the strategies in the video, and try it out in between turnovers or on your next rental property.

You could dramatically increase the value of your rental property overnight.

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