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Draw My Life – Real Estate Investor

Like most moms, I know what it’s like to handle the stress of raising kids, holding a job,travelling, supporting the family, planning for the future.  All of this takes time and money.  So I worked harder to afford all of these expenses.  BUT the more I worked, the more I accumulated in EXPENSES. The more expenses I had, the harder I worked to get the next promotion to feed these expenses.  This became a viscous circle of working.

Someone wise told me this recently:

‘ You never wished in your life to work more’

I decided seven years ago to stop this viscous circle of ‘working harder’ to ‘working smarter’ by diving into real estate investing.  Rather than focusing on climbing the corporate ladder, I redirected my energy to creating wealth, to accelerate income and to build a legacy for my family.  Here’s my story!

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