Christiane Aitken – An Inspiring Interview on her Journey to Financial Nirvana

When she’s not with the kids – she dabbles in skydiving, flying, beer brewing and motorcycling.

I wanted to interview Christiane to feature another mama who has juggled a career, life, kids and real estate investments to inspire you and motivate you to take action or at least steer you in the right direction to live a purposeful life, by design.

Early on, she knew that significant money could be made in either real estate or entrepreneurship – and she chose real estate.

She has taken a LOT of time off with her husband to help take care of her kids and enjoy life all because of her smart choice investing in real estate.

In her own words, Christiane Aitken’s purpose is: 

Her story will:

  1. Help you figure out if real estate investing is for you;

  2. Provide tips for buying your next and next next investment property;

  3. Overcome your fear investing in real estate;

  4. Inspire you with thought provoking ideas and critical financial advice;

  5. Make you think twice BEFORE throwing your hard earned money to real estate workshops (and lose your downpayment for a property).

Without further adieu, here’s her interview.


Christiane Aitken – An Inspiring Interview on her Journey to Financial Nirvana

  1. Everyone likes to hear why others choose to invest in real estate. Why real estate for you and how did you get started in real estate investing?

When I was finishing my university degree, I made a simple spreadsheet outlining all the types of investments I could make where I determined their ROI and associated risk and effort. Being logically minded, I compared bonds, stocks, 2nd mortgages, real estate and entrepreneurship in those categories.

Early on, it became clear that significant money could be made in either RE or entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship was risky as several entrepreneurs I knew that had actually had been successful still didn’t have a padded bank account. RE became the winner in my eyes because of the big ROI due to being a leveraged investment. Investing in stocks is very hard to leverage and there’s a lot more to lose if the markets crash. The bank won’t lend you 400% of your principle to go out and buy stocks but they will for real estate investment. There is still a lot of risk in RE but I knew it could be mitigated with intelligence.