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6 Must Read Books for Real Estate Investors

There are literally hundreds of books out there on real estate investing, and I’ve probably read most of them!  My criteria for top books are ones that offer immense guidance, motivation and actionable content that can be referred to again and again.  To save you a ton of money and time, I wanted to share my list of books that had a positive impact on my life.

The following books all have significant merits and without further ado, I give you My List of Most Influential Books.

And BEST PART, you can get these books for free.  Who doesn’t like free?  Thanks to audible, you can download 2 books for free by signing up here:

Real Estate Investing

For many, investing in real estate can be a career choice or simply an investment, and if you still ponder between the two, I strongly encourage you to read this book before making that choice.  This book captures “behind-the-scenes” of real estate investing, the good and the BAD based on real experiences.  When I picked up this book, I couldn’t put it down, in fact, I read it numerous times.  It had tons of practical content and more importantly, an honest opinion about owning real estate, which is frankly refreshing.  This book can change your perspective on becoming a full time real estate investor and inspire you take steps to re-designing your real estate portfolio, as it did for me.

Honestly, it took me a couple of times to get Rich Dad Poor Dad.  But when I did get it, it really connected with a lot of thought-provoking content.  The lessons are not difficult, and once you get it, you can’t forget it.  Although there is very little content on how to invest in real estate, and more motivational talk, it’s a classic amongst real estate investors.  It changed my life because it taught me the concept of building businesses like real estate investing rather than the traditional concept of ‘study hard, work hard and find a good job’ concept.  Read this book for incredible wisdom, it may help you change your financial future, like it has for me.

This book literally jump started my path into investing in residential real estate.  It provides a ton of practical content including a systematic process at looking at residential markets, and evaluating properties that I still use today.  Although the book heavily promotes its membership program, I am one of many who is not a REIN member.  This book will also help you manage the emotions and eliminate second guessing when it comes to investing in real estate.

Inspirational & Motivational

This book transformed the way I looked at my career, my real estate business and life in general.  There is a vivid description of an overweight man driving a Porsche smoking and under immense stress, I really connected with that image for some reason.  I could picture my life taking that direction, where I’m wrinkly, driving a sports car but under immense stress.  It scared me enough to take action to alter my career path.  Although I didn’t execute any of his exercises in his book, he has a way of presenting information that is out of the box and gets you moving.  He really emphasizes on mobile income, creating money no matter where you are living, which is great if you are an entrepreneur in the making and want more guidance as well as clarity during your journey.

This amazing book is one that I refer too over and over again because it has a ton of content that is invaluable.  You can literally pick any chapter and dive into it.  This book provides insight into how the mind works and how you can use it to achieve success in all aspects in life, including family, career, businesses, etc.  Because of the way it can impact your perspective on beliefs, goals, and success, this is a book everyone should read.  It has changed my attitude and mental outlook on life, and possibly for you too.  It is the top of my life changing books.

This book is incredibly inspiring and literally changed my perspective overnight, in particular how I visualized my engineering career.  It is a powerful fable filled with life lessons with a step-by-step approach to living with greater courage, balance, abundance, and joy.  This book can help you redirect your energy to what is really important in your life, provoke thought to your life, your goals and your dreams.  It can also instigate new habits.   The life lessons in the book can help you create a life of passion, and purpose.

Happy reading and I hope this list brings as much inspiration, motivation and initiate massive action in your life as it has for me.

Many Happy Returns,

Tracy Ma, Founder of Financial Nirvana Mama

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