12 Lessons my Beautiful Grandma Shared to Make you Feel Invincible

12 Lessons my Beautiful Grandma Shared to Enrich your Life

I’m inspired to share this article with the hope that it will enrich your life and make you feel invincible. My grandma was a great storyteller and motivator. She would always tell me that the past is meant to shape us as we either allow it to pull us down or we learn from it.

I am forever grateful that she shared with me her greatest gift, her real life experiences, to inspire me to achieve greatness.

My grandma was born in a well-to-do family with everything she wanted in her beck and call. Growing up, she had a personal nanny who looked after her. She admitted she dreaded going to school because she was the only female student.

Back in the 1920’s, it was a rare phenomenon for female children to go to school. She was often bullied by her male peers because of her gender, but she fought back. She told me she had kung fu to stop the constant bullying.

Imagine, my little grandma, practicing roundhouse kicks!

My grandma was very intelligent. She was exceptionally bright and loved by all her teachers. She told me how she rose to the top of her class, becoming the smartest kid and the only female in the class. Amazingly, she attended school until she was 22 years old! Another interesting thing is that she delayed marriage until she was 23 years old. What a modern lady!

Everything seemed to be rosy and pleasant until the outbreak of the World War II which almost turned her life upside down.

Her father was executed for being wealthy and owning a lot of businesses. Thus, his demise made the rest of her family became beggars overnight.  Her family became penniless and was forced to beg on the streets for food and money.

But in her own case, she was quite lucky to escape much of the financial problems because she was already married to a farmer who also taught her some essential life skills.

I remembered her complaining about the crappy life as a farmer. She said imagine tending a field full of vegetables, raking dried up hard soil, pulling weeds filled with worms, and looking for sweet potatoes for dinner having a baby strapped to your back and two other kids crying in the field. Her new life was a direct opposite to her former queenly lifestyle.

In spite all this; she always spoke lovingly of her husband because he took a very good care of her including the cooking too.

Sadly, however, tragedy hit again.

My grandma became a widow at forty years old and she had to raise her six children alone. It wasn’t easy raising six children on a farm as a single mom.  Thankfully she was well educated and became a teacher to help raise six kids.

The worst happened when she lost two babies during the war. She had to live in the mountains during the war with her family. This took a toll on her small babies and they didn’t survive.

When the war was over, and life started looking more promising….her house was hit by lightning. And to end it all, thieves took her hostage and robbed her in her own house.

Fast forward, I was born and I’m so thankful she entered my world and shared me her stories.