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I AM TRACY - your guide to unlocking Financial Nirvana

My Work, through Financial Nirvana Mama, is dedicated to supporting you in your financial journey. I am thriving consultant, social entrepreneur and successful real estate & stock investor and unquenchable life long learner.

"I AM TRACY – your guide to unlocking Financial Nirvana. I am the catalyst you need on your journey to financial liberation. My life is a testament to my roles as a thriving consultant, a dynamic social entrepreneur, and a seasoned investor in the fields of real estate and stocks. My insatiable thirst for knowledge drives my actions.

MY MISSION Learn to Grow your Income.  Build your Wealth.  Live your Best Life.

MY WORK is for the ambitious, the hustlers, the entrepreneurs, and the action takers who are building their wealth through real estate, businesses and investments and accelerating their path to financial independence.


BEST PART, I teach you principles, tips, rules, and techniques to get into real estate investing, stock investing, develop passive income without any inheritance, winning the lottery, becoming a slimy sales person and any experience.

What you Can Expect from Financial Nirvana Mama

How to Articles on Passive Income (not your salary):

  • Live for free: ex. stop worrying about day to day expenses like a mortgage

  • Travel more: ex: take breaks in life (sabbaticals) and checking off your travel bucket list with your family

  • Build Multiple Streams of Income for financial flexibility and make your $$ work harder

  • Make Work Optional & Build your FU $$

  • Take Sabbaticals/Career Breaks: Life is too short. You have a lot of work that matters to you. Or you want to change careers, refresh, reenergize with your loved ones.

  • Create an education fund for your kids the smart way without spending a fortune over twenty years

  • Create a money stash for your family and a legacy for hundreds of years.

  • Afford a dream nanny that you’ve always wanted but couldn’t afford

I talk the talk and walk the walk because I’ve done all the above and want to help you do the same. I bought my first stock when I was in university. I bought my first condo when I was 26 years old.  So if you are seeking someone whose been there, done that and really understands where you are coming from, you are in the right place!

Image by Florian Schmid

Born-and-raised prairie girl with nothing more than $600 in the bank account after graduating with a pile of student debt, I made it my personal mission to slash that debt asap.

For two years, I moonlighted as a model, tutor and as an environmental engineer and conquered that debt.  It wasn’t easy.    70+ hour work weeks combined with long work days and occasional overnight shifts in the office resulted in massive stress.

I decided NO MORE.  Rather than working harder, I decided to work smarter.

Diving into real estate and surviving  7 years later, I bought many rental properties, built up my money stash and reached my financial bliss. Around the same time, I reached my goals as an environmental engineer, hit my goals in lean FIRE, so I left my engineering job after 13 years. 

Freedom, continuous personal growth and able to try new things became my biggest motivation. I dreamed about what it would be like to spend more time with my twins, dance, travel, and do work that I truly loved to do.

Leaving a secure 6-figure government job with an immediate opportunity for promotion, cool traveling opportunities,  incredible benefits, and a GOLDEN pension was not easy.  I knew if I didn’t do it, I would never do it and my life would be filled with regret.

Living a life of regret is incredibly scary to me.   To crush that fear, I stopped settling in life, took action and changed my life.


My real estate investing journey started in 2007.  Teaming up with my husband, I’ve been investing in real estate to accelerate financial independence and to create future wealth for my family.

I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon so I had to scrimp and save and used almost all of my income to buy rental properties, stocks, and other investments to build a financial fortress to design my ideal life.

I’ve grown my real estate to a multimillion dollar portfolio as featured on Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine. I have spent the past decade discovering ways to invest in my spare time while managing a demanding career, young family (twins) and life.

I have discovered hundreds of investing tips, tricks, techniques, and pitfalls that I now get to share with you.   I’ve made a lot of money but I’ve also lost money along the way.  I want to help you avoid those silly mistakes that I’ve made and help mentor you to jump into the real estate investing journey — the right way.  

What I'm Working on..

On my Youtube Channel, I make videos about stocks, real estate investing, financial freedom, and entrepreneurship.  Check out my popular videos.


Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.


Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.


Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.


  1. I'm currently on a three month sabbatical, finished 10,000+ km roadtrip across Canada..I'll be returning back to part time consulting work in September 2021.  I specialize in solving operational problems in 'mega' projects for the government ('Mega' = multibillion dollar programs).  Linkedin profile here.  

  2. On my Youtube Channel, I make videos about financial freedom, 'how-to' invest in stocks/real estate, entrepreneurship and lifestyle.  Check out my popular videos here.

  3. I write a monthly newsletter.  Every month, I share my thoughts about subjects related to books, articles and my latest videos.

  4. On this website, I share my latest blogs and my online courses that fast track your investing journey rather than taking decades to learn. I built these online courses because I couldn't find any courses that were suitable for busy professionals seeking FIRE, part-time DIY investors who have other obligations like family and LIFE. If that's you - >Check out my courses here.


  1. When the internet started, I dabbled in building HTML websites for fun..

  2. At university, I had to work part time at a shoe store and as a tutor to pay for my tuition.  I lost my full scholarship because I couldn't keep up with a 80% average in engineering.

  3. I free lanced as a model and tutor while working as an environmental engineer for several years to pay off my student loans and to make ends meet living in Vancouver. That was tough.

  4. If you are looking to pivot in life and feeling stuck, I share why I left engineering with life tips in a ted style talk here, I hope it helps you in someway.

  5. I've been investing for 20+ years starting off with very little money that I had to start.   My first engineering job only paid 36K and I was living in Vancouver.  It was brutal. 

  6. I've taken four sabbaticals over the last seven years to focus on travel, family, friends, personal interests and special projects.

  7. I purchased a Tesla Model Y, a Peloton bike and an electric skateboard for myself and the family during covid.  I think saving, investing aggressively for many years took a toll. If you know me, I rarely make material purchases..I always prioritize experiences..but I cracked and splurged on bucket list items or I had a midlife crisis. Haha.  

  8. I share my gameplan to $10K+ per month here if you want to check it out. Update: Milestone achieved in April 2021!! 

  9. I love tiramisu, dancing, skateboarding (electric) and obstacle racing.  I sometimes post my latest family adventures and races on instagram, if that's interesting, follow me here.

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