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P.S. As a BIG Thank YOU, here are some resources for you to use right away to get started. Enjoy.

– Create a free account and get a Free Preview of ‘How to Buy your First or Next Rental Property’ – Get access to Financial Nirvana Investor School

– 12 Lessons my Beautiful Grandma Shared to Make you Feel Invincible **Start off with an intimate and insightful article, a personal journey from my grandma to help launch your investment journey.  She is my hero and I’m positive you will learn a thing or two.

– Your Why Questionaire **Facilitate YOUR WHY in your investment journey. Warning: Requires deep thinking so lock yourself up in a room to do it:)

– 10 Easy Steps to Building your Real Estate Investment Business Plan

**This real estate business plan is packed with lots of ‘how-to’s, examples and shortcuts'

– How to Invest in Real Estate Series: 85 Actionable Steps to Becoming a Real Estate Investor & Feeling Like a Pro  **This article is packed with a step by step process for getting your next real estate property.

– Step by Step checklist to Buying Your Next Rental Property   **A checklist with a methodical process you can follow now to buy your next rental property.

– Smart Mama Annual Cashflow Tracker  **Keep track of the actual expenses and performance on your rental properties. Your accountant will THANK YOU!!

– Rental Ad Templates (that work)  **Get attention with these awesome rental ads.

– Welcome Binder for your tenants  **Add your final touches including your logo, a photo of the property and your contact details, save it as a pdf and email it to your tenants!

– Free PDF: 17 Pros Reveal their Biggest Real Estate Tips ** I got answers from 17 real estate pros including best selling authors, entrepreneurs, real estate coaches, and top personal finance bloggers who have jointly impacted millions of people through their articles, books, blogs, seminars and more.

 Simple Rental Income and Mortgage Calculator  **Scrutinize your rental properties with this simple and easy to use rental income and mortgage calculator – crunch out your cashflow now.

– Here’s a playlist to help you on your journey:

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